Videoclip for Nicholas Cangiano's Kaleidoscope

BTS for Les Louanges' CRASH concert at Osheaga 2022


Neither Here nor There

BTS for the Birks x Consulat Wedding Collection 

DOP for Elliot Maginot's Dead Church music video

Promotional video for Boucherie Laflèche

DOP on the Menteuse videoclip for Andromède

Promotional video for the launch of La Guillotta, Alicia Guillotte's first poetry book

No Lie videoclip teaser for Angie

BTS video done by Keenan Moise for A Motel Repetition Story with High Klassified

I Was Tryna Get My Money Up - camera assistant and co-DOP for Kimezaa

IT'S GREAT - a satirical series of capsules

"It's Great" is a series of fake satirical advertisements or "capsules" that critiques social media's performative happiness and publicity culture. In each ad, an actor phonily and over-joyously expresses one of their most damaging thought patterns or struggles whilst completing a mundane task. 

Max & Charlie's engagement

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