Artist Statement

My name is Charlotte Rainville; I am an image maker, a freelance photographer and a Photography and Psychology BFA student based in Montreal and San Francisco. Online, I go by the username "jailli". 

As an artist, my practice merges portraiture, documentary and cinematic photography as well as art therapy and interview. It melds staged and diaristic images into cohabitation and mainly exists on social media, in photobooks or in exhibitions comprised of prints and video capsules.

My work features loved ones, women, gymnasts or strangers I became acquainted with online. The images I make tackle themes of self-worth and scrutiny, dissociation, death, relationships, perfectionism, and kinship. As for my artistic style, it lends itself to naturally lit and minimally furnished photographs, composition aimed at emphasizing a certain stoicity or vulnerable sacredness of the self in the subject.


2019 – 2023  BFA in Studio Arts, Photography major, Psychology minor, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2022 – San Francisco State University, Visual Arts major and Psychology minor,  San Francisco, USA

2017 – 2019 DEC in Media, Communications and Studio Arts, Vanier College, Montreal, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2021, BBA Photography Prize 2021, BBA Gallery curatorial group, Kühlhaus Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2021, Expo 1.0, “Collectif Nous” curatorial team, Nomad Life Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2021, Introduction, curators Cedric Ian and Trinity Da Silva, Montréal Art Center, Montreal, Canada
2021, Hereafter, Concordia Photography Collective curatorial team, Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal, Canada
2020, Merging Perimeters, Painting and Drawing Student Association curatorial team, Montreal, Canada
2020, Residue, Concordia Photography Collective curatorial team, POPOP Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2020, Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards Portrait Prize Exhibition, KLPA curatorial team, Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2019, Peter Gonda, curators Justine Litynski, Keith Orkusz and Martin Siberok, Henry Lehmann Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019, Dessine-moi un tabou, L’Index curatorial group, Art Lounge Mtl, Montreal, Canada
2019, Bare In Mind, curators Natasha Koutsogiannis, Charlotte Rainville and Chloé Proulx, Henry Lehmann Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2019, RAW, RAW Montréal curatorial group, Rialto Theater, Montreal, Canada
2018, ailleurs, Umlaut Gallery curatorial team, Umlaut Mtl Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2018, Scholarship Show, betta, Henry Lehmann Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2018, La Chambre, L’Index curatorial group, Art Lounge Mtl, Montreal, Canada

Press Review, Interviews & Features

2021, Concordia University, Photography, Canada. (

2021, Zachary Courschene, Jailli, Collège Rosemont, May 2021, Montreal, Canada.

2021, Jenna Elizabeth, Getting to Know: Charlotte Rainville, ILYSM, April 21st, Los Angeles, USA. (ILYSM)

2021, Samira Ait Kaci Ali, Apprendre à s'aimer au travers de la lentille, Montréal Campus, Volume 42 #2, March 31st, 2021, Montreal, Canada (Montréal Campus)

2020, Scout O’Donoghue, Charlotte, Profile Isolation, Sydney, Australia. (Profile Isolation)

2019, Cheyenne Skurczak, Censorship and the Body, Yiara Magazine, October 22nd, 2019, Montreal, Canada. (Spilt Matcha Tea Blog)   

2019, Kyla Pierce, Sustenance Saturday #7: An Interview with Montreal Freelance Portrait​ Photographer, Spilt Matcha Tea, October 5th, 2019, Montreal, Canada. (Yiara Magazine)


2021, Overstayed My Welcome, 32 pages, self-published, Canada.

2018, betta, 25 pages, self-published, Canada. 


Private collections, Canada, United States and Malaysia.

Vanier College

Concordia University

Femme Art Review

Awards & Grants

2021, BBA Photography Prize 2021, Germany

2021, ILYSM Artist Grant, USA

2020, Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards Portrait Prize, Malaysia

2020, Concordia Fine Arts Student Association's Creation Grant, Canada

2019, Peter Gonda Scholarship at Vanier College, Canada

2018, Peter Gonda Scholarship at Vanier College, Canada

Clients & Collaborators


  • Hockitay
  • The Quilters
  • Kacie Hill
  • Stanley Water Bottles


  • Vincent Vallières
  • Half Moon Run
  • Lachapelle Atelier
  • Fonds de solidarité FTQ
  • Original Gros Bonnet
  • Titelaine
  • Édouard Malo-Corbeil
  • Andromède
  • High Klassified
  • KROY
  • Maky Lavender
  • Shanie Blais
  • Elliot Maginot
  • Douance Douance
  • Birks
  • Consulat
  • Collectif Nous graphic designer and photographer
  • Concordia Photography Collective executive member for social media and design  
  • Curator and artist for the Quartier des Spectacles x CPC projection


Featured In






  • Digital photography
  • Film photography (35mm, 8x10 Large Format)
  • Studio lighting
  • RED Camera
  • Black Magic Camera
  • Cinematography
  • Adobe Premiere Pro editing (3 years) 
  • Adobe Lightroom (6 years)
  • Adobe Photoshop (5 years)
  • Photo retouching
  • Darkroom film developing (black and white 35mm, 120mm and Large Format)
  • Darkroom enlarging & printing (black and white and colour)
  • Film scanning 
  • Digital printing

Print Pricing

  • 8x10 — 40$
  • 11x14 — 70$
  • 16x20 — 100$
  • 20x24 — 130$

*Prices do not include shipping

Photo & Video Shoot Pricing

I offer: 

  • Solo photoshoots (press, headshots, casting photos, etc.)
  • Duo photoshoots (couple's, friends, etc.)
  • Group photoshoots (press, family, associations, corporate teams, etc.)
  • Wedding photoshoots
  • Engagement / Proposal photoshoots
  • Newborn / Maternity photoshoots
  • Photoshoots with animals
  • Event photography (concerts, weddings, exhibitions, receptions, parties, birthdays, holidays, celebrations, etc.)

All photoshoots include:

  • 1.5 hours of shooting
  • 2+ outfit changes
  • 1 location of your choice (possibility to add more than one location)
  • Professional photography studio equipment
  • Modelling and styling direction if necessary

To receive a quote for the project you want us to collaborate on, please contact me via or dm me via Instagram

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